What you can do

Join in one of the Threatened Amphibian Programme’s organised events
Click here for a list of events

Or, organise your own

This is great opportunity for schools to get involved in raising awareness about frogs and their plight. Ideas for Leap Day for Frogs at your school:

1. Leapfrog/leap-jump competitions – post your pics onto our .
2. Build a frog pond on the school grounds – click here
3. Clean up a wetland near your school by collecting and disposing of litter.
4. Write a letter to your local municipality councillor
5. Learn about the metamorphosis of tadpoles into froglets
6. Make Frog Art & Poetry in class. Post images and text onto our .
7. Hold a fundraiser through civvies days (wear green) or a cake sale of frog-shaped cookies, cupcakes and cakes.
8. Create an education table/centre on frogs
9. Post frog flyers/posters on the notice board
10. Click here for more info on Frogs
11. Fun, creative frog-inspired puzzles, games and worksheets. Crisscross A / Crisscross B / "If you where a frog ? "
12. Click here for Do’s and Don’t poster to put up at work or school

At home
1. Hold a fund-raiser for frogs house party
2. Build a frog pond click here
3. Build a simple frog pond in your garden and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at who moves in this summer!
4. Use indigenous plants in your garden.
5. Avoid use of harmful chemicals and pesticides in your home and garden.
6. Drive cautiously on wet nights to avoid squashing frogs as they move to and from breeding sites.
7. Write a letter to your local municipality councillor

Make sure your company isn’t contributing towards the destruction of frog-friendly habitat – learn how
Organise an awareness day at your office

Contribute to Citizen Science
Contribute to frog projects on i-Spot: